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Who's This Chick

Yuppers, that's me, Jessica! Nothing fancy and in paint clothes all day everyday. You get ME just as I am, a fun loving crazy woman who absolutely loves to help other women succeed. I'm a transparent broad from the south. I run on tacos and coffee while both run through me...Surly I'm not alone in this lol. I have 3 of the most amazing kids who teach me everyday that I'm worthy and deserving! Not sure I could make it in this world without them.
Hand lettering has been a great passion of mine for quite sometime now but not something I was always good at! I've made it my mission to bring and teach gorgeous lettering to those who aren’t able to do it on their own yet. Every template provided to you is my own unique style!
I want to share a part of me with you so that you can share it with the world, so no matter your craft I got you! Encouraging and rooting one another on is trait I stand behind and I can use more of these women in my life.
Love and Air Hugs,